Past Shows

Pantomime - Autumn Show/Musical

1972 Mother Goose   John Lowe    
1973 Dick Whittington   Ian Ritchie    
1974 Jack and the Beanstalk   Ian Ritchie    
1975 Cinderella   David Corsie   Phillis Tuxill
1976 Babes in the Wood   Ian Ritchie    
1977 Robinson Crusoe   Rodney Gifford   Ian Ritchie
1978 Sleeping Beauty   June and David Corsie    
1979 Puss in Boots   Joy Tinney   Ian Ritchie
1980 Sinbad the Sailor   Lois Harbinson   Ian Ritchie
1981 Humpty Dumpty   James Forth   Mike Linham
1982 Aladdin   Ian Ritchie   Mike Linham
1983 Mother Goose   Rodney Gifford   Mike Linham
1984 Dick Whittington   Mike Linham    
1985 Cinderella   John Cullen   Mike Linham
1986 Ali Baba   Mike Linham   Chris Lavis
1987 Babes in the Wood   James Forth   Chris Lavis
          Ian Ritchie
1988 Treasure Island   Mike Linham   Chris Lavis
1989 Sleeping Beauty   Ian Ritchie   Mike Linham
1990 Aladdin   David Titchener   Chris Lavis
          Ian Ritchie
1991 Pinocchio   Mike Linham   Chris Lavis
1992 Hickory Dickory Dock   Jan Hallett   Mike Linham
1993 Robinson Crusoe   Ian Ritchie   Mike Linham
1994 Heidi   Mike Linham   Chris Lavis
1995 Jack and the Beanstalk   Tony Wilson   Mike Linham
1996 Snow White   Ross Baker   Ian Ritchie
      David Titchener    
1997 Mother Goose   Dean Wilson   Mike Linham
      David Titchener    
1998 Ali Baba   Mike Linham   Raymond Wright
      David Titchener    
1999 Babes in the Wood   John & Val Turner   Eric Lukins
2000 Cinderella   Nigel Webb    
2001 Dick Whittington   Barry Squance    
2002 Aladdin   Barry Squance   Ralph White
2003 Sleeping Beauty   Rodney Gifford   Ralph White
2004 Little Jack Horner   Jerry Jeremiah   Eric Lukins
2005 Sinbad the Sailor   Mike Linham   Ray Quirk
2006 Beauty and the Beast   Barry Squance    
2007 Mother Goose   Wendy Linham   Eric Lukins
2008 Jack and the Beanstalk   Stuart Lyddon   Eric Lukins
2009 Robinson Crusoe   Bill Wych   Eric Lukins
2010 Cinderella   Bill Wych   Eric Lukins
2011 Aladdin   Brian Saunders   Eric Lukins
2012 Snow White   Bill Wych   Eric Lukins
2013 Jack and the Beanstalk   Bill Wych   Eric Lukins
2014 Cinderella   Bill Wych   Eric Lukins
2015 Sleeping Beauty   Bill Wych / Kay Wych   Eric Lukins
2016 Snow Queen   Bill Wych / Kay Wych   Eric Lukins / Martin Lukins